Apartment house

3 and 4 room apartments with an area from 53 up to 117 m2.

Apartment house

3 and 4 room apartments with total area from 53 to 117 m2.

Apartment house

3 and 4 room apartments with total area from 53 to 117 m2.

Apartment house

Apartments 3 and 4 rooms with total area from 53 to 117 m2.

IMANTA GARDEN is a new residential development with two types of construction. It consists of a 3-storey building with underground parking containing 15 apartments, as well as 8 townhouses with private gardens. The complex has a modern design and is located in the residential suburb known as Imanta. Here you will experience a combination of calm and privacy with all the benefits of Riga’s well-developed infrastructure at your disposal.

The project combines a love of nature with modern infrastructure, technology, design and comfort. The new residential project IMANTA GARDEN is surrounded by greenery and has its own private territory. From the window of your house you can see centuries-old oaks, hazel and pine trees.

The territory is fenced and landscaped
Children's playground
Arranged for a picnic and a grill
Underground parking

The name IMANTA GARDEN reflects the essence of the residential complex. This small and intimate residential complex is based on cubism, a style dating back to the 20th century. One of the founders of Cubism is the French architect Le Corbusier. The simple lines of the buildings emphasize the beauty of the garden landscape in which they are located. Going through the gate you will find a green garden with greenery and flower beds containing century-old oaks, firs, hazelnuts, as well as green plantings and multi-coloured flowers. The complex is designed with families in mind. There is a special picnic area and a modern children's playground for the project's small residents. For the safety of the population the area is fenced. Professional gardeners take care of the greenery at IMANTA GARDEN. It is connected with a bicycle path to Riga centre in one direction and to the Jurmala seaside in the other direction, which is a lovely bicycle ride.


IMANTA GARDEN project pays special attention to safety. The project will allow residents to use access cards and remote controls for the territory. Guests will be allowed to enter the area via the intercom system. They are installed in both the apartments and townhouses. Smoke detectors and fire alarms are also installed an all units. Access to the staircase of the apartment house and underground parking is only possible with access cards or intercom.

Technical specification

Construction elements

Foundation: piles, reinforced monolithic concrete slab
External walls: 1st - 3rd floor - insulated reinforced monolithic concrete wall
Partitions in the apartment: lightweight concrete masonry / plasterboard on a metal frame
Intermediate floors: monolithic reinforced concrete slabs with heat and sound insulation and reinforced leveling layer.
Stairs: concrete
Staircases: concrete, tiled
Balconies / terraces: monolithic reinforced concrete slab with heat and waterproofing, terrace boards
Balcony / patio railing: Galvanized railing


Paths: pavement composition of different colors
Benches and tables: metal structures, wood finish
Picnic area grill: Design metal construction
Children's playground: multifunctional, enviornment friendly


Heating: gas heating with individual heat meters 

Water and sewerage: urban, centralized water supply and sewerage 

Electricity: electricity Low-voltage networks: 

Internet cables Internet: Lattelecom optics 

Security: fenced area, access with chips, intercoms

Interior finish

Flooring: Oak parquet floor TARKETT Viva oak White 1-strip (8,5x190x1220mm)
Floor tiles: Spanish manufact. KERATILE, Carnaby Series, Arena and Wall, 450x450mm or Cascais, Gris and Crema, 450x450mm
Wall tiles: Spanish manufact. KERATILE, Carnaby series, Arena and Wall, 200x600mm or Cascais, Gris and Crema, 250x750mm
Walls: painted, semi-matt emulsion
Ceilings: painted, semi-matt emulsion
Entrance door: PRODEX
Interior doors: PRODEX Merini doors with white oak texture
Windows: Three-layer packet windows
Sockets and switches: SIEMENS ser. Delta Line, tonic-white
Radiators: Purmo RAMO (white)

Sanitary equipment

Toilet: Ideal Standard CONNECT AIR Floor Pot Set with Soft-close Lid and CUBE Rinse Box  

Sink 1: CONNECT AIR CUBE - 600x460mmm white, IDEAL STANDARD, 

Furniture under the sink: CONNECT AIR - 580x409xh400mm, white glossy / white matt - single drawer 

Sink 2: Wall sink IDEAL STANDARD Connect Space 380x550 

Sink mixer: GROHE BauEdge sink mixer, pop-up, chrome 

Sink trap: GEBERIT sink trap, chrome 

Bathtub: IDEAL STANDARD Hotline acrylic bathtub with front panel, 700x1600 / 750x1700 

Bathtub front panel: IDEAL STANDARD 

Bath trap: Simplex, d = 40/50 mm, cable 560 mm, plastic, white / chrome 

Shower set: GROHE shower system with bath thermostat Tempesta Cosmo 210

Hand shower: Tempesta Cosmo II, chrome 

Towel rail 1: Mario Classic HP 1, 430xh660, chrome 

Towel rail 2: Mario Classic HP 1, 810x530, chrome 

Adjustable heating element: MOA 300W with timer 2h, chrome

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1 1 3 54,49 6.79 Sold -------
1 2 4 113,9 42.6 Sold -------
1 3 2/3 60.6 11.5 Sold -------
1 4 4 104.7 33.7 Sold -------
1 5 3 57 8.5 Sold -------
2 10 3 59,5 10.9 Sold -------
2 6 3 58.5 10.1 Sold -------
2 7 4 102.2 31.7 Sold -------
2 8 3 52.48 3.43 Sold -------
2 9 4 98.25 27.58 Sold -------
3 11 3 64 15.6 Rented out -------
3 12 4 117.60 45.65 Rented out -------
3 13 3 53.80 6.20 Sold -------
3 14 4 111.49 41.19 Sold -------
3 15 3 64.54 16.29 Sold -------

IMANTA GARDEN is located on the very edge of the residential area of Riga Imanta. It is a quiet and green area with nearby woods. The territory has a garden with shrubs, trees and flower beds.
At the same time Imanta has a well-developed infrastructure. Just a few minutes’ walk from IMANTA GARDEN are schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, health sports complexes, salons, public transport stops, etc. There is a bus stop just opposite IMANTA GARDEN’s entrance and the local train station is only 300 meters away.
The excellent shopping mall Spice is only a few minutes’ drive away. Any place can be reached both by car and by city buses, fixed-route taxis and the train, which run on a regular basis.
If in good weather you wanted to take a bike ride, you just need to go on a bike path on a nearby street from IMANTA GARDEN, which will lead you to the city center or to the Jurmala seaside resort. The new project IMANTA GARDEN is conveniently connected to many strategically important objects of Riga.
Living in this comfortable corner or Riga will provide both a level of convenience and tranquility to your life.

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Write us and get detailed information