Private house

2 and 3 storey semi-detached houses.

Private house

2 and 3 storey semi-detached houses.

Private house

2 and 3-storey semi-detached houses.

Private house

A private house with a white or full finish.

The 8 duplex townhouse (2-storey and 3-storey) of IMANTA GARDEN each have their own garden. Each house has a separate exit from the terrace to the inner courtyard. There are balconies on the 2nd floor and the 3-storey townhouses have a large roof terrace with 360 degree views.

On the ground floor there is a spacious living room combined with a kitchen area, laundry and utility rooms, as well as a double garage. On the second floor there are four bedrooms, two balconies and two bathrooms.

From the side of the closed courtyards there are large double-floor windows. Thanks to this architectural solution daylight penetrates the room and naturally brightens the interior.

The territory is fenced and landscaped
Children's playground
Private yard

The name IMANTA GARDEN reflects the essence of the residential complex. This small and intimate residential complex is based on cubism, a style dating back to the 20th century. One of the founders of Cubism is the French architect Le Corbusier. The simple lines of the buildings emphasize the beauty of the garden landscape in which they are located. Going through the gate you will find a green garden with greenery and flower beds containing century-old oaks, firs, hazelnuts, as well as green plantings and multi-coloured flowers. The complex is designed with families in mind. There is a special picnic area and a modern children's playground for the project's small residents. For the safety of the population the area is fenced. Professional gardeners take care of the greenery at IMANTA GARDEN. It is connected with a bicycle path to Riga centre in one direction and to the Jurmala seaside in the other direction, which is a lovely bicycle ride.


IMANTA GARDEN is a gated community. The entire territory is protected with fences and video surveillance and access is only provide through the intercom system or entrance codes. The playground of IMANTA GARDEN provides additional safety for young children with a playground that is fenced off from the main territory.

The apartment building has secure underground parking for 16 cars. Additionally, there are a limited number of reserved parking spaces for sale outside on the enclosed territory. A few parking places for quests are available just outside of the main gate.  

Technical specification


Foundation: piles, reinforced monolithic concrete slab
External walls: 1st - 3rd floor - fiboblock masonry
Partitions in the apartment: lightweight concrete masonry with double plaster (dry-wall) sheets on a metal frame
Intermediate flooring: monolithic reinforced concrete slabs with heat and sound insulation layer
Stairs: metal structures, veneered wooden steps, metal railings
Pathways: pavement composition of different colours
Balconies / terraces: monolithic reinforced concrete slab with heat and waterproofing, patio boards
Balcony / patio railing: Galvanized railing


Heating: independent gas heating with own gas boiler
Water and sewerage: urban, centralized water supply and sewerage
Electricity: Elektrum
Low-voltage networks: internet and coaxial cables
Internet: Lattelecom optic fibre
Security: fenced area, smart intercom system, proximity chip access, smoke detectors

Internal finish

Flooring: Oak Parquet Flooring Tarkett VIVA OAK WHITE / GRAY 1-STRIP 190x1220mm, Thickness 8.5mm

Floor tiles: MYKONOS Stoneware tiles sulf. Soul tone White 750x1500, 10.5mm

VIVES Sirs Delta tone Gris 600x600 thickness - 9 mm, VIVES sulf. Delta tone Crema 600x600 thickness - 9 mm

Wall tiles: VIVES ser. Omincron tone Blanco 250x750 (8.5mm); VIVES Sirs Omincron decor Symi Blanco 250x750 (8.5mm); VIVES Sirs Omincron tone Gris 250x750 (8.5mm); VIVES Sirs Omincron decor Tilos Gris 250x750 (8.5mm); VIVES Sirs Omincron Tone Crema 250x750 (8.5mm); VIVES Sirs Omincron decor Citera Crema 250x750 (8.5mm)

Walls: painted, semi-matt emulsion

Ceilings: painted, semi-matt emulsion

Entrance door: Glass, saur profile door

Interior doors: Oak veneered door for Torino PRO Gray Oak partition 900x2100, Oak veneered door for Torino PRO White Oak partition 900x210, 90mm wide railing, metal garage door

Handles: NEGA RZ 411MBN / CR, Handle NEGA AL 43A653-78, WC stopper with lining

Windows: Three-layer packet windows

Stairs: 1st to 2nd floor - closed (with counter step), 3rd floor - open with one supporting rib in the middle. Metal railings, load-bearing structure painted in light-to-white, the steps are veneered with oak and tinted with gray oil matched to the flooring. Tinted wood

Terraces: Balconies / terraces: monolithic reinforced concrete slab with heat and waterproofing, patio boards

Balcony / patio railing: Galvanized railing

Sockets and switches: SIEMENS Sir Delta Miro, tonic-white

Sanitary equipment

Toilet 1: Laufen Pro New, bottom of the toilet, 360x650 mm, universal outlet + flush cistern, lowered water supply, + Slim, SC cover, white 

WC 2: Laufen Pro Rimless WC, Wall Mount, 360x530 mm, with SC Slim Cover (898966), White 

Sink 1: Laufen sink and set of cabinets Pro S, 1000x500 mm, h = 440 mm, 1A, white 

Sink 2: Laufen sink Pro, 520x390 mm, polished bottom,

Siphon: Lineis Mini sink trap, 1¼ x 32 mm, chromed brass 

Basin mixer 1: Grohe Essence XL sink mixer, chrome 

Washbasin faucet 2: Grohe Washbasin faucet Eurosmart Cosmo M, with pop-up, chrome 

Built-in frame: GROHE kit - toilet frame 3-1, flush key Arena Cosmo chrome 38858000, fixings, 500x230 mm, h = 1130 mm 

Bidet: Laufen Pro New, wall mount, 360x530 mm, white

Bidet mixer: Grohe Eurosmart Cosmo bidet mixer, with pop-up, chrome 

Bidet shower: faucet with hose, wall mounted, chrome 

Bidet frame: Grohe Rapid SL built-in bidet frame, 500x131 mm, h = 1185 mm 

Bath 1: (stone mass) Vispool Classica 750x1800, without panel (built-in), without draining / overflowing the front panel for the bathroomIDEAL STANDARD 

Bath siphon: bath siphon, d = 40/50, 470 mm cable, plastic, white / chrome 

Bath thermostat: built-in shower thermostat and Grohe Grohtherm 1000 New valve, chrome

Large shower head: Grohe 26412000 large shower head 210 

Hand shower: a set for a hand shower Grohe Tempesta New 100 II, chrome 

Bath glass: Estetico bath glass, 700 mm, h = 1500, chrome / clear glass 

Bath 2: Vispool Classica bathtub, 1800x750 mm, without panel, with siphon, white stone mass, front panel of the Vispool Classica bathtub, 1800 mm, white

Siphon for bath 2: siphon for bath Viega Simplex, d = 40/50 x 540 mm

Bath thermostat 2: Grohe bath thermostat Grohetherm 1000 Cosmo, chrome

Shower set: Grohe Power & Soul shower set 130, 900 mm, 9.5 l / min, chrome

Heated towel rail electric 1: Mario Premium Classic 1100x540mm, stainless steel

Heated towel rail electric 2: Mario Premium Classic 800x540mm, stainless steel

Control: adjustable heating element MOA 300W with timer 2h, chrome-plated

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2 3 290.1 71.6 380 Rented out -------
1 2 206.1 17.2 422 Free 321 700 Sale /1900 Rent
4 3 288.4 71 356 Rented out -------
3 2 205 18.4 360 Sold Pārdots
6 3 291.9 71.4 336 Rented out -------
5 2 205 18.4 342 Rented out -------
8 3 287.5 70 342 Rented out -------
7 2 206.5 17.1 316 Rented out -------

IMANTA GARDEN is located on the very edge of the residential area of Riga Imanta. It is a quiet and green area with nearby woods. The territory has a garden with shrubs, trees and flower beds.
At the same time Imanta has a well-developed infrastructure. Just a few minutes’ walk from IMANTA GARDEN are schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, health sports complexes, salons, public transport stops, etc. There is a bus stop just opposite IMANTA GARDEN’s entrance and the local train station is only 300 meters away.
The excellent shopping mall Spice is only a few minutes’ drive away. Any place can be reached both by car and by city buses, fixed-route taxis and the train, which run on a regular basis.
If in good weather you wanted to take a bike ride, you just need to go on a bike path on a nearby street from IMANTA GARDEN, which will lead you to the city center or to the Jurmala seaside resort. The new project IMANTA GARDEN is conveniently connected to many strategically important objects of Riga.
Living in this comfortable corner or Riga will provide both a level of convenience and tranquility to your life.

Write us and get detailed information

Write us and get detailed information